June 3: Server updates, mobile viewing, and more!

Hello all!

We hope you are doing well today. As promised, we will be informing you regularly on the updates that are coming to our system. As you have probably noticed already, changes are currently being made to the website. Additionally, you will notice updates to the web application itself. Thus far, we are working steadily to accommodate the web application for mobile viewing and we have also been upgrading the servers throughout our platform.

Within the next few days, you will also notice improvements to the payment system, profile section, and the report cards that will integrate with the ShieldScore badge itself. These report cards will be viewed once a validated badge is “clicked.” Within these report cards, customers can easily see the procedures organizations are following before they go. A sample image of the reporting card has been attached to this update for your viewing.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment down below!

All the best,
ShieldScore team


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