Product features

Self-assessed survey

Green friendly options (paperless & QR code)

Reduce customer calls

Product discounts

Highlight your efforts

Certification badge

Text/Email customers your badge

Pandemic compliance

Social media content

Identify areas to improve

Global resource center

Storefront signage

Google Maps API

Add your health department rating

 Prepare for the next crisis

ShieldScore was built to help businesses succeed

We have created the solution for public facing businesses who are dissatisfied with the lack of ability to communicate the safety measures they are utilizing to their customers. Our product, ShieldScore, provides customer comfort and peace of mind with digital certification badges. Through a self-assessed questionnaire, businesses provide their safety and health practices to earn a ShieldScore (badge). Business will be able to promote their safety badge across channels and we provide a consumer research center to individuals looking to identify businesses that have documented their safety procedures.

Showcase your hard work 

You responded quickly to this global health crisis by implanting safety measures to satisfy your customers; now is the time to highlight it. 70% of Americans are worried about being infected by COVID-19; ease their concerns by providing your ShieldScore badge much like restaurants display their food safety rating.

Be prepared now and for the future

This crisis has taught us the importance of being prepared as a society. With ShieldScore you are able to increase consumer confidence today and also be prepared for the inevitable compliance reporting that will be coming soon. By documenting your health and safety practices with a secure neutral partner you will be able to easily share this information with customers and regulators.


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